New products – Limited Green Edition

ADAM’s Limited Green edition is an original and unique, conscious approach to festive lighting in the world. For the first time, recyclable materials and real live trees are used for decorations. All the trees are hand-picked to suit the busy urban life, with great handling of air pollution, infrequent watering and restricted growth areas – for example the Serbian fir known as Karel (Latin – Picea omorika) and mountain pines (Pinus mugo).

Using real trees minimises the production and recycling pollution of plastic that artificial trees and filling materials are made from. Not only that, but you can re-plant the trees in the forest after a season or recycle the remaining fodder. While they are used as decorations, they even absorb the carbon dioxide from the streets and convert it to oxygen.

For filling, instead of plastic garlands, we use a coconut liner that is a natural fibre material made from the husk of ripe coconuts. It is recyclable material, meaning there is even less waste and thus an even smaller environmental footprint. Coconut fibres also benefit trees, as they not only provide good aeration, but they also hold a great deal of water, and release it slowly, which is better for the roots.

The structure itself is made out of metal – which is also easily recyclable. To keep it festive, optional baubles are used and LED decorative lights – which meet the higher standards, both in LED electricity consumption and recycling of LED wires. All products carry visible labels, to confirm they are green – this is also visible to people walking – a little prize for our customers for taking a step toward a greener, more conscious future.