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ADAMLIGHTS has grown to understand how important it is to offer a complete solution to a client. Decorating public spaces and attractions, shopping centres and other buildings for the enjoyment of people is our raison d’être.


Every location is unique, therefore, it is important to understand and build on its emotional atmosphere. Our designers have acquired the skill to see and recognise what clients want, they gladly work together with the client offering solutions to match their general aim.

Deciding on the right shapes, colours and light sources can go a long way in achieving an original illumination masterpiece.

Every client is welcome, whether already having a very good idea what products they want from the catalog or having just a space/building and a wish to decorate.

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Lighting Solutions

ADAMLIGHTS has long experiences in different countries and climates to design the products and know their durability in various weather conditions. Naturally, this includes ongoing upgrades and making use of new technical solutions. We have constantly improved our product mix.

Different LED strips that can be used to create amazing lighting effects (cornices, highlighted stripes, background lights, flat lighting) are becoming more and more common in interior design projects and decorative solutions.

DMX RGB LED strips make it possible for every 10 cm section to be controlled separately. With special effects created by our designers, you can make static light dynamic. This is possible thanks to DMX signals that contain information packets sent by the controllers. The brightness level and firing time of every 10 cm section of the LED strip can be set individually. For example, the new building of the Estonian National Museum is equipped with a system that imitates a river – lights start flickering like water at the sound of people walking.

Powerful pre-completed LED light strips make it possible to use LED light solutions as the only light source in the room, as decorative lights or as colour-changing decorative lights. It is important to note that the requirements should be pre-defined as such lights are now produced and completed on special order, no longer completed on site as was previously customary. This approach enables the production of light strips as high-quality lamps that are cheap and quick to install. For example, Adam produced the interior lighting solutions for the suits and most of the common rooms and the decorative lighting in the casino at the Hilton Tallinn Park hotel.

Illumination can be taken to a new level using our new solutions with video mapping, outdoor light fixtures for year-round use, LED facade lights, LED screens, DMX LED light curtains, LED streetlights, Gobo projectors.

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It is recommended to use our installation teams, especially, if the decorative solutions are complex or large and if it involves work at heights or other technical complications and, last but not least, to save working time.

They have many years of experience in finding optimal solutions for electrical, mechanical and logistical challenges. Depending on the client’s requirements our installation teams can work during day and night.

The same teams who handled the installation will take down the decorations, because they know best the specific features of the location and the products.


The decorations of clients can be stored at our warehouse during the off-season. They will go through technical inspection and, if necessary, repair. This approach of handing over the responsibility to our specialists protects the products and extends their life cycle.

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