ADAM Decolight: experience and innovation

In 19 years of activity ADAM Decolight has become the market leader in the Baltic States and our geographical range is expanding. We started with the wholesale of light fittings and have become a professional manufacturer of Christmas lights delivering all over the world. We offer a full solution: from design and production to installation and maintenance.

We have kept up with the fast development of technology and responded to the clients’ expectations in different countries and cultural environments. In addition to neighbouring countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Russia), we have experienced interest and approval in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, the Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, New Zealand and in many other countries.

Our projects are large-scale. Our clients include majority of local municipalities and shopping centres in the Baltic States, in addition also St. Petersburg, Helsinki Vantaa Airport, Ronneby and Sälen ski resort in Sweden. We have decorated the Kaunas castle in Lithuania, we work with Sickla shopping area in Stockholm and Riga in Latvia. Naturally, we have projects in our homeland: the events of the Republic of Estonia 100th anniversary, the light solutions in Eesti Rahva Muuseum, projects connected with the presidency of the European Union, Hilton Tallinn Park hotel, etc.

To manage all this, we have thoroughly renewed our production facilities. We have 4000 m² production area in Estonia, all employees are specialists in their field. The most important keyword for us is quality. All materials and components are chosen from the best manufacturers, we test the materials in different weather conditions all year round and only then when we are convinced in their operational ability, we offer them to our clients.

Since the beginning of our activity we have emphasised the importance of product design and it has become one of our advantages. Winning the design contest for decorating the main Christmas tree in St. Petersburg in 2013 was a clear sign that we are moving in the right direction. We always try to find a solution considering the client’s uniqueness.

The production of light solutions is an area in which learning the craft takes years of experience. Clients’ tastes and expectations in different countries are varied and today we know better than ever before what is expected from us. We are ready to accept complicated challenges irrespective of the client’s location and the range of work.