ADAMLIGHTS: experience and innovation

We decorate public spaces and buildings for the attraction and enjoyment of all people with designed professional lighting solutions.

With 23 years of experience ADAMLIGHTS can accomplish magical effects with illumination. We always try to offer designs considering the uniqueness of the client and the prominence of the location. Often, the best atmosphere is created in cooperation. ADAMLIGHTS offers a full solution: from design and production to installation and maintenance.

Since the beginning of our activity we have emphasised the importance of product design and it has become one of our advantages. We have introduced technical innovations and new solutions for illumination. The current highlight is introducing DMX controllable colour-changing RGB technology to Christmas decorations. Light shows can be created by Individual product programming. Sometimes, combinations of different decorative materials and lighting techniques help to achieve desired illumination effects.

The most important keyword for us is quality. All materials and components are chosen from the best manufacturers, we test the materials in different weather conditions all year round and only when we are convinced about their operational ability, we offer them to our clients. We have thoroughly renewed our production facilities, including a 4000 m² production area in Estonia. Our employees are specialists in their field and processes are digitally controlled.

ADAMLIGHTS has become a company with global reach. We have fulfilled clients’ expectations in different countries and cultural environments. In addition to our Northern European home we have experienced approval in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine, Romania, New Zealand, USA, UAE and in many other countries.

The production of light solutions is an area in which learning the craft takes years of experience. Clients’ tastes and expectations in different countries are varied and today we know better than ever before what is expected from us. We are ready to accept complicated challenges irrespective of the client’s location and the range of work.