The new 2018/2019 product catalogue is ready

Adam’s new catalogue is again larger than the previous one, this time we have added more than 30 pages.

A refreshed layout gives a better and more comprehensive overview of every product. Images with different color solutions have been added, all of which have corresponding product codes and parameters. Top views and other additional info has been included for 3D products.

In the product portfolio, we have two big news: new decorations and the use of new technological solutions. In the new catalog, RGB and RGB Smartled and DMX technologies are available for many products, which can be used to change the color of the light sources. They can be set up to run with lighting control programs and completely animated light solutions produced by video artists. This gives a completely new dimension to Christmas decorations and helps create unique lighting experiences.

Of course, you can also order products from previous catalogs, but in the new directory you can find improved versions of most popular products from previous years, including technology and finesse.